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Seasonal Pest Control Changes with Mice

The Fall can bring mice and rodents into the home. What diseases do they carry and spread? Most people would agree that there is a stigma associated with having pests living inside your home.   However, even the cleanest of homes are still attractive for pests as they provide a safe shelter, moisture, and a food […]

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Home Invasive Ants

Home Invasive Ants First discovered in 2002, the home invasive ant or “crazy ant” was found in Houston, Texas.  Since then, they have been found in Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana where it is primarily wet with mild winters.  Also called Nylanderia fulva, crazy ants are thought to have originated in Argentina and Brazil and come […]

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State Parks near Austin, Texas

Austin’s State Parks The Lone Star state, Texas, is full of state parks that provide activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, canoeing, horseback riding trails, ATV trails, camping and the like.  The Austin area is home to several state parks including McKinney Falls state park, Lockhart state park, and Bastrop state park. McKinney Falls State […]

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