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Tick Disease

Ticks are probably one of most people’s least favorite things.  In fact, if Maria from “The Sound of Music” were to sing “These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things” you can bet your sweet bippy that ticks would be on that list.  Recently, a new reason to dislike ticks has identified; a new […]

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Club Soda

Do you have fire ants in your yard?  If so, you are probably eager to rid yourself of them since they aren’t exactly the friendliest or most helpful of ants.  You might be averse to using pesticide products on them as well, for one reason or another, and are looking for an alternative.  You may […]

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Termites are a common and extremely challenging nuisance that homeowners must, unfortunately, face.  The real problem with termites is that you are likely to not know they’re there until you have a problem.  That roughly translates to you won’t notice them until they’ve caused a lot of damage.  So, how can you detect termites early […]

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