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Yellow Jackets

Fall is here! For many people that means cooler days, falling leaves, apple cider and pumpkins. But as the seasons change they bring a lot of things with them, including a new round of pests you need to need to be concerned about! Yellow Jackets As summer comes to a close yellow jackets hit their […]

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Can snakes and toads be helpful to your garden?

You know the snakes and toads that inhabit your garden? Well, instead of trying to drive them away you should be encouraging them! They are the best and most natural line of defense you have for your garden!  In fact, having snakes and toads in your garden will reduce the amounts of foliage eating bugs […]

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Beware of Ticks

No one is a fan of ticks. In fact, many people wait with bated breath for tick season to be over! It’s never a good idea to let down your guard in the battle against ticks, however, since they can transmit disease. The point is, you should be diligent year round to help prevent tick […]

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