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Tips to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Home

Wild animals, aside from children, have no place in the home. But when the weather is cold many wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels and opossums look for a warm place to reside, and that warm place may just be your home. To avoid this fate you simply need to follow these tips to keep […]

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Where Do Pests Go In the Winter?

There are a few things in life that will always remain a mystery, but where pests go in the winter is not one of them.  Ants, mosquitoes and termites don’t have little scarves or coats to bundle up in and keep them warm, after all. Surely, they die off. Well, they haven’t been around for […]

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How to Avoid a Winter Pest Assault

Winter may be hanging on by a thread, and while it may be over soon you can never be too diligent in protecting your home against little invaders. Your nice, warm home is a beacon to little creatures that are looking for food and shelter, and they’re crafty! You have to constantly be on your […]

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