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Squirrels: Cute but Nuts

People often overlook squirrels as potential pests in their home. They’re so familiar to most people because you see them everywhere. But what many people don’t know is that pests can present a significant problem to people in the colder months. You may think they are used to humans therefore not a threat, but don’t […]

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Invasive Pests That Could Be In Your Own Backyard

The United States has several invasive species that have made their way over, both on purpose and quite by accident. They don’t belong here but have made parts of the United States their home no less, but at peril to the people and the environment around them. Here are some of the most pervasive species […]

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How to Recognize Rodent Infestations in Your Home

When it’s cold outside then the rodents will come inside to play, that’s a fact of life. You may worry about blizzards, ice and freezing rain but if you’ve not added mice and rat infestations to your list of winter worries you need to. This is why you need to be on your rodent “A” […]

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