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What August Has Left Behind in Your Yard

August is usually a wet month across the United States, but this year it was even worse. The weather provides a boon to your lawn and creates lush grasses, but it also is a boon to the pests that reside there. Here’s what you can do to try and keep those August showers from creating […]

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The Capybara: Florida’s Newest Pest

Florida is home to a lot of things – a lot of things that don’t belong there at all. From peacocks raiding trash cans to African land snails that eat the stucco off the outside of homes, people who make the Sunshine State their home see their fair share of invasive species. And now a […]

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Controlling Pest Populations with Science!

Science has provided people with a lot of fantastic things, and now you can add controlling pest populations to that list. Scientists have been working to reduce populations of pests by genetically modifying them, essentially creating an entire population of modified male pests that suppresses the entire population! Sounds like a science fiction story, but […]

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