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A Few Interesting Cockroach Facts

I know what you’re thinking – that there’s absolutely nothing interesting about cockroaches. But that’s where you’re wrong. Sure, cockroaches are less than appetizing and they’re definitely not the kind of creature you want to share your home with, but you have to admire their resilience. After all, people have been trying to rid the earth of cockroaches for a long time – and they’re still here!

Here are a few interesting facts about cockroaches because remember, it’s important to keep your enemies close! Or at least, know them so you can wage war and win!

Cool Cockroach Fact No. 1: They Can Live Without a Head

This cool fact may have applied to your ex too, but I guarantee cockroaches take the cake when it comes to living without a brain. That’s because they can live for up to a week without it. They have an open circulatory system, meaning they breathe through tiny holes in the different segments of their body. They don’t need a mouth to breathe and, in fact, without a head really only die because they can’t drink water. Gross but totally fascinating, isn’t it?

Cool Cockroach Fact No. 2: They Can Hold Their Breath for 40 Minutes

Yeah, 40 minutes! That’s as long as a sloth, not quite as long as a sperm whale and four times longer than a dolphin. That means drowning these suckers isn’t going to do you much good unless you trap those little buggers down there for at least 30 minutes.

Cool Cockroach Fact No. 3: Cockroaches Can Run – Fast!

Cockroaches are kind of like the Usain Bolts of the pest world because they can run up to three miles per hour. And a baby cockroach as young as one day old can almost keep up with their parents. That explains how they scatter so fast when the lights come on.

Cool Cockroach Fact No. 4: There Are Over 4000 Species Worldwide

You would think just one type of cockroach would be enough for Mother Nature but alas, that’s not the case. The most common of the more than 4000 species in the world is the German cockroach, but there’s also the American cockroach, the brownbanded cockroach and a South American cockroach that has a wingspan of 12 inches.

Cool Cockroach Fact No. 5: They’re Cold-Blooded

Cold-blooded insects like the cockroach can live in cold temperatures, but that’s not all that means. They can also go without food for a month because they don’t have to generate their own body heat. They’ll die in a week without water, though.

Now that we’ve come full circle through the cockroach world, don’t you feel like you’ve gained a better understanding of this little insect? It’s OK to find them interesting; it doesn’t mean you have to let them set up shop in your home. If you need help with keeping them out of your home, then call the experts at Green Army today!

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