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So most of our kids went back to school this week and for all their mamas, it meant an awful lot of work. Buying supplies and new clothing for the year as well as adjusting to new schedules. Now that things are dying down, though, what do we do with all the bags? This feels like a strange question to ask, but if you’re anything like us, it feels wasteful to get rid of a sturdy shopping bag, right?

We hide them away in closets and drawers promising ourselves that we’ll do something useful with them only to forget about them by the next week. The problem with storing bags is that they’re a haven for pests. Cockroaches, ants, mice, and other pest infestations love to burrow themselves inside and take up residence bringing disease and, let’s face it, all kinds of work in your future. So how do we up-cycle these little gems without causing ourselves imminent issues?

The lovely Diane of In My Own style has come up with a rather ingenious solution, actually, and we wanted to share her process. To get more detailed directions, visit In My Own Style here

The supplies:
Paper Bag
Pair of Scissors

Step One
Carefully  cut down the side of the bag length-wise and across the bottom folds of the bag. Unfold the bag in its entirety, laying it across a flat surface.

Step Two
Carefully remove handles so that the paper is minimally damaged. Set those aside for optional handles.

Step Three 
Position the textbook over the bag to  either fit with the logo as the picture above shows or choose to have the white side out so that your kiddos can decorate it themselves.

Step Four 
Fold the sides of the paper over both the bottom and top cover while the book is closed. With a marker, designate the width of the bind with a marker on the paper itself.

Step Five
Open textbook to lay flat on its binding. Letting the crease from the folds be your guide, cut the excess paper in two straight cuts along the marked width of your binding until you reach the binding itself  to allow the book to fold without tearing the cover.

Step Six
Remove book and fold the slits made for the binding then replace book. Fold all sides of paper over front and back cover, tape corners, and you’re done!

Take the handles and tape them to the paper cover on the insides of the book for extra ease in handling!

This video demo doesn’t protect all sides of the front and back cover but the method is very similar!


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