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After Your Pest Control Treatment

What should you do after a pest control visit?

So the pest maintenance professional has left, now what?  First and foremost, remember that a pest control company should be a proactive reality that provides pest control maintenance throughout the year.  As a result, potential pest control issues will be lessened.  However if a pest control problem arises, the pest control professional will have a history with you, your property, and potential entry and exit points of pests in your home.  If the pest control professional left you any special instructions, be sure to follow them to a “t.”  If you do not follow their recommendations, then you will continue to spend money on treatments that could have been prevented.  The best thing you, as the homeowner, can do is to choose your pest control company carefully, follow their directions, and keep your eyes peeled to any future pest management problems.

Pest Control Services

When you do begin to select a pest control company, ask for their credentials and refrain from rushing into a contract or other agreement.  Consult with your neighbors, friends, and family in your area about pest control companies that they would recommend.  Be sure to call and interview the company regarding their policies, guarantees, and value.  Remember that you want to buy value as many companies will offer “bargains” that sound too good to be true and they usually are!  Finally, know all terms of the agreement of any proposed pest maintenance contract: the targeted pest or pests, the treatment proposed, the cost, the extent of the pest infestation, and what it will take to maintain and prevent further infestation.

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