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Allergies and Pests: What You Should Know

If it’s possible to dislike pests even more, learning more about how they impact your health can do it. Pests transmit disease and are generally not very pretty to look at, but what’s worse is that new studies have found a link between the severity of asthma and allergies for people and the pests that may be living in their abode. Here’s the information that has been gathered so far and what you can do to lessen the impact of pests on your health.

The Survey Says

The National Pest Management Association recently got together with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and surveyed nearly 500 allergists. What was reported was:

  • 76 percent said that cockroaches are right behind dust mites as household pests that can cause problems for those with asthma or allergies.
  • Rodents came in ranked as second my nearly 57 percent of respondents.
  • Stinging insects flew straight into third place as causing the most problems.
  • 95 percent of allergists advice that patients with pest issues consult with a pest management professional
  • 97 percent of allergists believe a home free from pests is important in prevents symptoms for allergies and asthma.

What It Means

At the end of the day, no matter what steps you take to control your asthma and allergies, if you have a pest problem in your home it’s going to make it worse. These numbers really spell out the importance of taking measures to make your home pest proof and to practice good sanitation habits in your home. Seek out a pest management professional that can help you assess if you have any pest problems in your home and what you can do to keep them out! Pest control professionals are your first line of defense in your battle against allergies and asthma.

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