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Are You Attracting Termites?

There are plenty of things in the world you want to attract, but termites definitely are not one of those things! But how can you be expected not to entice termites when you don’t even know what draws them to your home in the first place? Well, prepare to be educated about exactly how a termite recognizes your home as a place they’d like to be and what you can do to stop them!


Any pile of wood, including firewood, that is touching the ground is going to be a shining beacon to termites. Many people stack wood right outside their house for ease of access, but if it’s easy for you, then it’s easy for termites too. You need to keep any piles of wood at least 20 feet from your house, and if you can store it on a raised platform at least five inches from the ground.

While we’re talking about wood, any excess wood around your property can attract termites, including old tree stumps or dead trees. Rotting wood of any kind is frowned upon if you want to make your property less attractive to termites.

Inadequate Drainage

Look, we can be real – no one likes to clean the gutters. But, if you want to keep termites away from your house then it’s time to start keeping those gutters clean! Termites need to be around moisture, and if your gutters are clogged then water can pool, creating a perfect termite storm. You need to make sure any rainwater is diverted from your home’s foundation properly so that termites don’t flock to your house.


Remember the whole “rotting wood” discussion above? Well, mulch counts too! Any mulch you have near your home or right up against the foundation is a bad idea. It’s a source of food for termites and also stays wet, so it’s a source of water too. Try to use as little mulch around your home as you can, and make sure any mulch you do use is at least 15 inches away from your foundation. Regularly check any mulch you do have for termite activity.


Are you noticing a trend here? Wood plays the siren’s song for termites, so you have to handle any and all wood properly – including living trees. Tree limbs that come into contact with any part of the outside of your house can become a superhighway for many pests, including termites. So, trim those trees away from the house!

Termites are really destructive pests, and their ministrations can cost you a lot of money. In the United States, every year over $5 billion in property damage is done by termites. Don’t be a part of that frightening statistic by taking steps to protect your home. It’s always a good idea to call in a professional, so feel free to call Green Army to help!



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