Professional Service That’s Always ReliableWe make sure we deliver a service that meets each customer’s needs and desires.  When our customers desire a reduced risk pest control treatment, Green Army delivers the “Spot On” Plan as a responsible program, but with a little more FIRE POWER than our Green Planet Plan.

Green Army service vans are not equipped with high pressured spray rigs that blanket synthetic pesticides targeting non target pests and high amounts of residual pesticides left behind.   We use a back pack spray system, and spot treat where we have identified the types of pests and their entry points utilizing reduced risk products only.

The process below indicates the steps we go through to implement our Spot On Plan for your home.   This plan is sufficient on a Quarterly Basis with the exterior treated only, after our initial inspection, treatment and entry points sealed.

The Green Army Spot On Plan incorporates everything you need to have a pest free home or business with conventional treatments.

It begins with a thorough inspection of your property, inside and out.

Following the inspection, select areas inside your home will be treated for the prevention of common pests.  First, our trained service professional will treat the interior of your home in select areas.  Next, our trained service professional will apply the necessary treatment around the perimeter of your home’s exterior, concentrating on exterior entryways, garages and reachable window frames, eaves and shrubs and areas containing items such as pine straw, mulch, leafs, etc.   All reachable spider webs, wasp or hornet nests will be swept down by our technician.  Your Green Army service professional will also make note of any existing conditions that you need to be aware of and make recommendations to you to prevent possible future re-infestations.

Once the initial treatment has been completed, we will return on a Quarterly basis.

Green Army will return on a quarterly basis to continue the preventive treatment concentrating on the exterior of your home or business only, unless otherwise requested by the customer.  Should you need service on the inside of your home/business or between regularly scheduled visits, simply call and we will return at no additional charge to you.

With your family, work and day-to-day activities, your time is valuable. Green Army is designed to fit your busy lifestyle and help you rest assured that your home, business and family are protected from the invasion of those nasty pests.