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Bed Bugs: Can You Deter Them with Color?

Summertime means vacation time for many families. Over the last several years traveling has brought a new danger into the lives of travelers – bed bugs. Staying in hotels, using public transportation or really going any place with a lot of people can make bed bugs a threat. You may feel like there’s nothing you can do to make yourself a less appealing meal to these pests, but as it turns out there is something you can do and it involves color.

The Color Connection

Researchers have gone to some pretty incredible lengths to discover how to prevent bed bugs, and one interesting revelation involves the colors these bugs are attracted to.

According to CNN, one such study found that bed bugs are not fans white or bright yellows while they love black and dark red. This means that one way you might be able to deter these bugs from hitching a ride on your luggage is to buy bright yellow luggage! It seems bed bugs don’t like to lay eggs on yellow and white, so they steer clear of them in order to help stay hidden. Bright colors expose them to light and can leave them unprotected.

This is, unfortunately, not a complete deterrent for bed bugs. They are experts in seeking out the dark crevices of even the most brightly colored fabrics. If you really want to refrain from bringing bed bugs back as a souvenir then you should consider buying luggage with a hard exterior instead of a fabric one. When you get home then immediately wash all your clothes, and don’t bring your luggage inside – leave it in the garage.

If you have questions about avoiding bed bugs or you are worried you may have an infestation, call the pros at GreenArmy today!

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