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Best Bike Riding in Houston, TX

Best Cycling in Houston, TX

Houston, TX  is a quick city that doesn’t slow down for anyone.  Taking a ride down a local cycling trail is great place to settle down in the hustle and bustle of city life.  If you enjoy biking in your neighborhood, then you’ll enjoy cycling in Houston.  Check out these trails below:

5. The Anthills in Terry Hershey Park are one of the best trails in town as it is medium difficulty but with many dips.  Located off of Memorial Drive, the Anthills get rather muddy during the rainy season.

4. Located off of Westheimer parkway, the George Bush Park bike trail is only about two miles long, none of which are difficult.  There are, however, a few uphill treks that will wind a beginning cyclist.

3.  Memorial Park has two cycling trails: the Little Cambodia Trail and the Ho Chi Minh.  The Little Cambodia Trail has many drop, turns, and other obstructions.  Ho Chi Minh, however, is frequented by runners, joggers, and walkers so heed cautiously.

2. The Cullen Park Trail located off of Saums road is a paved route with twists and turns but no major difficulties.  The convenience of the paved route also draws in many skateboarders and roller blade enthusiasts.

1. The Buffalo Bayou Bike and Hike Trail is hilly but doesn’t pose any major obstacles.  The route, however, is twenty miles in length and the bayou is nearby so be careful that you don’t accidently cycle right into it.


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