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Best Mountain Biking in Atlanta, GA

Mountain Biking in Georgia

Georgia is a great place to go biking, especially mountain biking.  If your family enjoys biking in the suburbs, then they’ll enjoy a vacation in Georgia to go mountain biking.  If you are a resident, then check out these top ten mountain biking trails nearby.

Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails

10. Cooper Creek Trails is a scenic area with hills around every bend.  This trail is suitable for most bikers as its’ wide road gives adequate space to make turns as you view the scenes of the surrounding hills.

9.  Pinhoti South is not for the faint of heart.  It gives you a comprehensive mountain biking experience from up and downs, steep climbs, gravel roads, old forest roads, and grown up areas to boot.  Most bikers leave their car at one end of the route and ride straight through.

8.  Bull Mountain Trail has both single and double tracks with slow and steady climbs and exhilarating downhill treks.  As one of the most popular rides in Georgia, Bull Mountain Trail has hidden waterfalls along its route with beautiful scenery.  This trail loops back to the beginning and provides a peaceful biking experience.

7.  Amicalola Falls accommodates bikes and ATVs as it crosses streams and rocky areas throughout.  Along the way, you’ll see a waterfall as you climb and come back into a valley area.

6.  Windridge Farm is a private trail owned by Steven and Jennie Sellen.  This single track sits on an old two hundred acre farm that provides a technical mountain biking workout.  With steep climbs and quick drop offs you’ll never stop guessing what is next to come.

5.  Chicopee Woods is a single track ride with lots of twists and turns.  Please note that this ride is closed when muddy and well groomed.

4.   The second trail around Bull Mountain is a nearly fifteen mile loop with both single and double track.  This is a favorite among locals and will be crowded on weekends.  Although some experience mountain bikers breeze through this trail in hours, most bikers will need the full day and lots of water.

3.  Road and Trail Cyclery is also privately owned and is used as a race course throughout the year.  A favorite with Georgia bikers, it has a little bit of everything including multiple twists, dips, and stream crossings.

2.  Blanket’s Creek is a crowded trail and for good reason.  This trail is just over five miles of single track that twists and turns with the site of Lake Allatoona.  Check the directionality of the trail as it changes daily.

1.  Bear Creek Trail is a great choice in any season.  It runs beside a beautiful creek and provides immense scenery.  Ride up to the overlook to see a great view of Fort Mountain its surroundings.

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