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Best Mountain Biking in Austin

Austin, TX is a great place to go biking as South Texas is known as “Hill Country.”  If you enjoy biking in your neighborhood, then you’ll enjoy cycling in Austin.  If you are a resident or traveler, then stop and check out these top five mountain biking trails nearby.

5. Slaughter Creek Trail is a nice introduction to cycling for children and families.  At about five miles, Slaughter Creek Trail is open as a hiking, biking, and equestrian trail.  It is a less technical trail with lots of shade.

4. Bull Creek Greenbelt is a short, quick three to four mile trail that is of medium difficulty.  This trail is often overgrown as it is less traveled than other trails.  It is chalked full of small, rocky ledges.

3.  Emma Long City Park is an overly technical ride even for advanced riders with many ledges and rocky areas.  Beginners are not advised on this trail unless they are with a patient, advanced rider(s).  Emma Long City Park trail is also open as a motorcycle trail, so be advised.

2.  Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is a great beginner trail as it doesn’t have many technical twists and turns.  These two way trails span eleven to twenty miles in length depending upon which turns you take.  The dirt is hard pressed with few rocks but with many tree roots to watch out for.

1. Barton Creek Greenbelt is known as the crown jewel of Austin as it is located in the heart of the city.  This wild seven mile trail is popular among Austin mountain bikers and provides many challenges.  This trail closes down during the rainy season and it is frequented by hikers alike.

Austin Bike Trails

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