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Cleaning Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows come in many sizes, shapes, designs, and materials.  No matter the size, shape, design, or material, every door and window needs a good cleaning to maintain efficiency and keep your home looking great.  Also, remember that the doors and windows in your home tell people a lot about you, so let’s talk about these dirty little secrets and how you can clean them up.

Dirty doors and windows can make your home look older and can cause damage if left unmaintained.  A simple solution to just about any dirty situation is easily made with three simple ingredients: baking soda, liquid soap, and hot water.  Mix these together in a spray bottle and you have an effective cleaning solution that is non-toxic and safe for most surfaces.  Other supplies needed include cleaning rags or old cut up tee shirts, vacuum, and lubricating spray.

Begin with the windows by wiping down the window seals and spraying the glass with cleaner.  Wipe the glass cleaner away and inspect the window for any cracks.  The window seal needs to be inspected for paint chips and areas that may require re-caulking.  Cleaning is the first step in maintaining a home.  Next, spray the doors with cleaner and let sit.  Although most doors can be sprayed with the above mentioned homemade cleaner, wood doors may require polish or wood soap to be applied afterwards in the direction of the grain of the wood.  This is also a time to inspect the doorway, door, locks, and knobs for any abnormalities.  Clean, well-maintained doors and windows protect your family, the rest of your home, and keep energy costs down.

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