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Club Soda

Do you have fire ants in your yard?  If so, you are probably eager to rid yourself of them since they aren’t exactly the friendliest or most helpful of ants.  You might be averse to using pesticide products on them as well, for one reason or another, and are looking for an alternative.  You may have even heard of using club soda on the ant hill to kill the ants.  The question is: is this an effective way to rid yourself of this fiery nuisance?

Apparently, way back in 2007, a home and garden expert publicized this treatment as effective on the radio.  The idea spread like, well, a fire ant swarm.  The idea behind this technique is that opening a bottle of club soda and placing it upside down at the mouth of the mound so that it runs inside will kill the ants by replacing the oxygen with carbon dioxide.  But, is there any merit to this?

Sadly, the only thing that will happen when you pour club soda in a fire ant mound is that you will be wasting a perfectly good bottle of club soda.  You’re probably also making the ants really mad in the process.  The reality is that there is no real way to get rid of fire ants completely.  The idea behind current pest control methods is to merely contain and control them.

If you have fire ants and they are of concern to you, call a pest control professional today.  They will only use pesticides when absolutely necessary.  A professional’s first strategy is to treat the ants with biological control methods that are environmentally responsible.  So, pour yourself an adult beverage with that club soda and call a professional to do the dirty work for you.  It will be a way more pleasant experience for you and the ants!


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