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Atlanta’s Summer Seasonal Pests

Common Summer Seasonal Pests in Atlanta, GA

Like much of the south, Georgia is prone to fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes during the spring and summer months.  In addition to these pests, snakes and scorpions emerge with the beginning of summer as well.  It is important to keep lawns well-maintained as both snakes and scorpions enjoy hiding in tall grass and underneath logs and brush.


There are forty-one species of snakes common to Georgia; however, only six of these are venomous: Southern copperhead, cottonmouth, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, timber rattlesnake, pigmy rattlesnake, and the eastern coral snake.  Thus, you are more likely than not to encounter a non-venomous snake.   In general, snakes are very shy creatures that hide underneath things.  They do tend to leave their hiding places in the evening.  You’ll find them crossing streets and lying on warm sidewalks.  If you enjoy the outdoors, be both cautious and friendly as snakes are an important part of the ecosystem.


Of the fourteen hundred species of scorpions, only twenty-five are harmful to humans.  The spring and summer months in Georgia provide the perfect breeding grounds for scorpions.  Scorpions can live over twenty years and reproduce rapidly; thus causing a huge nuisance to homeowners once infestation occurs.  Scorpions are nocturnal insects that seek shelter in the daytime and hunt for food at night.  Interestingly, a scorpion can control the amount of venom released when it stings.

Due to the ever-changing weather conditions, Georgia is prone to a variety of pests.  Consult your local pest control company for more specific information regarding your area.

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