Crawlspace Encapsulation Services

header2As the air in your home warms, it rises up and out of your roof. Called “stack effect”, it causes the home to pull air through the crawl space and into the living areas of your home, creating damp conditions that can lead to mold, mildew, and other problems. It risks air quality, often aggravating breathing problems like asthma, as well as creating varying health-related problems. Moisture is the ultimate cause but there are sealed solutions in the form of Crawl Space Encapsulation!

How it Works


Save Energy and Money!

By sealing and regulating the temperature in your crawl space, you improve air quality as well as save an average of up to 18% in energy costs.

Crawl Space Encapsulation includes:
High quality, reinforced vapor liner to cover the ground  and walls, taped seams, sealed foundation vents,  mechanical drying, and more.

With Crawl Space Encapsulation, your home is
protected against:
Condensational moisture, high levels of humidity, ground moisture vapors, and moisture intrusion from outside the foundation walls.