Customer Stories

Kim T., Atlanta, GA

“When it came to solving my pest problems, Green Army delivered. I read about their unique approach and how they have a selective recruitment process.  My pest problem required them to get down and dirty under my home to solve my rodent issue. The Green Army pest technician was quick to determine the entry point, and had no hesitation about the dirty work.  To ensure the rodent did not die in a wall or in my attic, he set a trap in the attic space and sure enough when he returned 7 days later, he recovered 2 dead rodents and securely removed them before creating a foul odor in our home (no poisons used either).  Expertise and follow through is what I believe makes Green Army top notch and a company we will work with for a long time!”

John W., Georgetown, TX

“We used a local pest control company for a number of years, but I saw Green Army’s service vehicle at my neighbors a number of times and could not help but check these guys out.”  I quickly became impressed with their story and the spirit of the company; as well as the results they get with the Pure Plan I chose for my service plan.  My wife is very concerned about how and what is used, so the Pure Plan was an easy decision and Green Army got the job done!”

Kimberly B., Marrietta, GA

“My husband noticed some termite activity. Of course, I thought it was just ants and nothing to be too concerned about since they were outside our home and not inside. We saw Green Army at our neighbors home and had a door hanger they left us on a FREE Termite Inspection and let me tell you, what an inspection it was…the moment the Green Army technician arrived, he greeted us and asked a few questions and then began his inspection, to include crawling on his hands and knees under our home. What impressed my husband and me the most was how thorough he was and that he suggested a spot treatment only around the foundation and in the wall and then recommended a monitoring plan to ensure there was not anymore activity in the future. What a great “service” company, and these days, that is hard to find!”

Lisa M., Austin, TX.

“After working with the same pest control company for a couple of years, I noticed when we had some specific problems, the follow through and proper identification of the problem was challenging. I called Green Army on the recommendation of a good friend, and after thoroughly inspecting my ant problem, the technician showed me the primary entry points and suggested an exclusion job on the exterior to prevent them from invading my home. He also performed a quick Green Earth Plan spot treatment inside my home under the sink and within a couple of days, there was not any sign on of those pesky ants in my home and I am now a raving fan of Green Army.”

Betty L., Alpharetta, GA

“Thank you for taking care of my roach problem!   My husband tried to treat the problem himself after making a couple of trips to the local supply store and we still had the nastiest roach problem.   Apparently, Georgia has a cockroach that comes from the trees and has to be treated a specific way and Green Army was onto this particular intruder rather quickly.  One targeted pest treatment and BAM, no more ROACH PROBLEM.   Now, that is one job my husband can lose anytime and its OK by us.  Thanks Green Army!”

Josh S., The Woodlands, TX

“Dead Ant…Dead Ant…Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant!!!!  I hate FIRE ANTS!  Green Army swooped in, accessed my yard and worked their majic under the SPOT ON PLAN for my FIRE ANT problem.   No more FIRE ANTS!   Thank you so much, and BTW, my 5 year old son said he wants to be a Green Army Man when he gets older…so cool.   Thanks a ton!”

Kathy E., Dallas, TX

“After 10 years and using a couple different larger pest control brands, our rat and mouse issues were not every fully resolved.   Recently, after signing up with Green Army, who my neighbor recommended as a different breed in pest control, the technician found our primary source of entry point for the rodents and pointed it out to me.  He professionally sealed the entry point and for a few months now, I don’t hear those creepy little sounds coming from the ceiling area in our bedroom.”

Bill J., Dallas, TX

“Normally, I would not have signed up for a Green pest control service, but I am now a believer after 6 months of service.   We are serviced more often, but given the results and the fact the products have less residual, we have no problem supporting a system like this and getting the results!”