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DIY Galaxy Slime

The holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family.  It is a time of togetherness.  The universal truth, however, is those children get bored.  Activities to keep them engaged and having fun are always good to have on hand or to gift to those around you.  Galaxy slime is kind of a new twist on the classic gak.  Easy to make, fun to play with – it will provide hours of fun for you and the little humans in your life.

One of the neatest things about galaxy slime is that it’s engaging for many different levels of development.  For the littlest ones like the feel and stretch while it can be used as a springboard for bigger discussions about the night sky and galaxy for the older children. And they like the stretch too!  How far you want to go with it is really up to you, but it presents a lot of fun learning opportunities for everyone.  It’s also a great do it yourself stocking stuffer or holiday gift!

So, what goes into this magical cosmic learning slime?  That’s one of the best things about it, it doesn’t take much!  You will need:

1 bottle of Elmer’s Clear School Glue (5 oz.)

½-3/4 cup Sta-Flo liquid starch (available at most superstores)

Liquid watercolors (several squirts until you create the look/color that you desire) or food coloring

Fine glitter in a variety of colors

Believe it or not, slime making is a bit of a fine art. There’s definitely a process to it.  First, put the glue into a bowl.  Then add the watercolors or food coloring and glitter and mix well.  Then, start adding the starch.  This is the critical point that can make or break your slime, so make sure you add the starch in small increments, stirring well to mix after each addition until it is incorporated fully.  After the first couple of additions, you’ll want to use your hands to knead it, just like bread dough.  It’s likely that you won’t need the entire amount of starch.  The more starch you add, in fact, the less stretchy the slime tends to be, so it comes down to personal preference.  When the slime gets to the consistency you want, then stop!

In case you were wondering, a lot of slime recipes contain borax, which can be harmful in large doses.  Sta-Flow starch is categorized as non-hazardous but it does have a very small amount of borax in it, which can cause stomach upset/vomiting when ingested in large quantities.  The bottom line is that this slime is safe for children, they just shouldn’t eat it.  So, if you have a little one that is still in the “everything must go in my mouth” phase, the slime is probably not for them.  For all other kids, it’s pretty safe to stretch and play with for hours at a time! You should feel comfortable making or gifting this to people and knowing that it’s safe.

So there you go!  Hours of sensory play for you and yours that is inexpensive and fun to make and play with!

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