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DIY Ladybug Habitat

While our children get a kick out of spying the adorable beetle that is the ladybug, we know the lovely appeal that they really are. They protect our gardens from nasty vegetable and fruit eating pests. Since Green Army is an Eco Friendly company, we’re all for natural remedies and organic treatments. We also know that a multilayer defense is the best offense, which brings us to the fun part. A DIY Ladybug Habitat.

So let’s make a Ladybug Habitat! Bring the kids in on this one for extra fun!

What you’ll need:
1-foot in length and 6-inch in diameter PVC pipe
Natural sticks in your area about one foot in length (Try bamboo as well!)
Paint of your choosing

FYI Most local hardware stores offer free cutting services. Take advantage and have them cut your pipe for you!

It’s an easy setup…
Paint your pipe however you see fit. We thought the above little ladybug inspired habitat was adorable but we encourage you to have fun with it! Go wild! Once your masterpiece is done, let the paint cure for twenty-four hours. All that’s left is filling the pipe with the sticks and/or bamboo! You’re done! Fun with the kiddos and keeping those pests out of your garden! You can set the habitat anywhere in your garden, on a ledge, in between rocks, etc. Use your imagination!

p.s. You can try wedging your finished ladybug habitat in between tree limbs, if you’ve got ’em. We like this look a lot!

 Hope your ladybugs enjoy their ladybugs’ picnic!

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