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Don’t Let Your Business Reputation Be Destroyed by Cockroaches

If you run a business, either from your home or out of it, a cockroach infestation is the last thing you want to deal with. But, if it happens to you it’s also something you want to deal with as quickly and effectively as you can so your business and your reputation don’t suffer. Here’s what you need to know about cockroach infestations and what you can do if you ever have one.

Cockroaches are Opportunists

Once cockroaches move into your home or business the severity of the infestation will likely be influenced by a few key factors, one of which is their ability to find the things they need to survive such as shelter, food, and water.

Places that have the largest problems with cockroaches are often places plagued by clutter. The more things you have, the more cockroaches have too. It may not have anything to do with how clean your home or business is since cockroaches have become experts at finding food in even scarce environments. It often has much more to do with dealing with them once they make an appearance.

Why You Don’t Want Roaches in Your Home or Business

Cockroaches are seen as unclean and for good reason. They are often found in the garbage, sewers and other places that are anything but clean. This makes them a danger to public health because they often carry diseases such as salmonella, E. coli, streptococcus, tapeworms, pinworms and even some viruses on them – and if they’re near you then they can transmit those things to you. Just having them around can trigger breathing problems such as asthma as well as allergies in some people.

How to Control Cockroaches in Your Business

In the past, standard pest control has included spraying insecticides in the places cockroaches often hide, such as baseboards and cupboards. It’s a really an approach without finesse since the hope is simply that a cockroach will walk across the insecticide and die. This has not been an effective strategy because cockroaches don’t live behind baseboards. If you want to strike cockroaches where they live then you need to seek out the damp and dark places they seek out near food and water sources.

Another reason this approach isn’t very effective is because the insecticides used aren’t effective. The real way to reduce cockroaches is through reducing their access to food, water, and shelter. Plus, many cockroaches have become resistance to insecticides used by pest control companies.

The Right Tools

Don’t get discouraged, because getting rid of cockroaches is possible. In order to successfully get rid of cockroaches, you have to have grit and determination, along with other pest control tactics beyond spraying.

As mentioned, not giving them access to food and water is one way to get rid of them, but you also need to get rid of any clutter, vacuum regularly, use sticky traps for cockroaches and use the recent and innovative bait products to control the populations.

A professional pest control company will know the all the ways in which to control pest populations such as boric acid as a supplementary treatment, silica dioxide, and the benefits of heat and cold to kill cockroaches that have worked themselves into electronic appliances.

Cockroach Control in Your Business

Cockroaches can enter your business in a variety of ways. Just as a customer they can walk right in through the front door, but they can also make their way in through windows, plumbing, vents and even holes in walls and floors. Cockroaches can even be a part of a delivery, albeit an unwanted and unexpected one.

The best thing as a business you can do is to stop roaches before they start by using preventative maintenance. Treat your business regularly, and being constantly vigilant in controlling pests in your business should be a part of your business plan.

If you need help controlling pests, including cockroaches, in your business, call the experts at Green Army today. You can count on them to keep pests away safely!

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