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Fighting Bedbugs in Your Home

Bedbugs – just the name strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere. That fear is not misplaced, because bedbugs can be very easy to pick up and bring into your home, but incredibly difficult to get out once they’ve moved in. This is why if you have bedbugs, you need professional help.

What the Professionals Can Do

Bedbugs leave certain signs behind if they’ve become one of your unwanted roommates. Often, people living in a home that is infested will have welts on their bodies from bedbug bites. So, a professional will first check the pillows, bedding and mattresses to look for mature and immature bedbugs. Full grown bedbugs look similar to ticks since they are similar in coloring.

Bedbugs also enjoy dining in wood, so if you have a wooden headboard that will be inspected too – as well as the boxspring of your bed. They mostly live in the bedroom because they’re drawn to carbon dioxide, which every living thing expels when they breathe out. In your bedroom, you expel a lot of carbon dioxide, so bedbugs congregate there so they can more easily feed off of you at night.

Another thing a professional eye is trained to look for is molt. This is the exoskeleton of the bedbug. They are often left behind after being shed by the bug in the seams of mattresses.

The Lifecycle

Bedbugs reproduce very quickly. Once they hatch they will feed five times in the first two weeks of life. They are then capable of reproducing and laying their own eggs, so you can see how a bedbug problem can grow to be a huge problem very quickly.

If you suspect you have bedbugs, don’t wait to take care of the problem. Call the experts at GreenArmy today and they can safely and effectively help you eliminate your bedbug problem.

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