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Fire Ants are Here!

Bees will buzz, kids will blow dandelion fuzz and you need to plan to fight off the fire ants on your property this season.  If you own a large property or even if you have a fire ant problem and are planning some kind of outdoor event, the key to fighting fire ants is to plan plan plan!

New strategies are being used against these little invaders that are proving to be very effective.  In Texas they have been working on a two-step program that uses fire ant bait in the spring and fall followed by treatment of individual mounds as needed, and they have had a lot of success.

If you have a property that needs treatment for fire ants you will need to put the two-step plan into action at least 6 weeks in advance.  These treatments will help to reduce fire ants so that they won’t be a problem in your outdoor space, especially if it’s a space you use for large events.  If you do own a large property that you use for large events you should consider scheduling treatments every fall and spring, which will help to keep fire ants in check.

When using this treatment schedule you should expect to see a dramatic reduction in the amount of fire ants on your property, which will be a big relief if you have any events schedules.  No one wants to be attacked by ants at their wedding reception, barbeque or conference, after all.  And even if you’re just a homeowner, knowing that fire ants won’t be a nuisance is a hefty weight off of your shoulders.

So call in a professional today to schedule your treatment so you can be fire ant free all summer long!


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