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Goliath Beetles

Native to African rainforests, the goliath beetle can reach up to five inches in length.  These colossal insects are gentle giants that feast on plant matter and animal dung in the wild.  They can however be kept as pets and can be fed dry dog or cat food.  The males are more attractive as they are brown, black, and white with beautiful patterns across their backs.  On the other hand, the females are typically a single color of brown, black, or white.

The goliath beetle has two sets of wings; one used to fly and the other set is used for protection.  The males also have a ‘Y’ shaped horn upon their heads that is used for protection in fighting with other males over mating with the most desirable females.  The females, however, are not equipped with horns and do not fight.

Once adults, the goliath beetles quickly mate and die.  The eggs mature to larvae and then bury themselves beneath the soil.  The goliath beetle larvae break down rotting wood in the rainforest and thus enrich the soil.  The larvae go through metamorphosis into adulthood hardening their exoskeleton.  The adult goliath beetle emerges when the rainy season begins.

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