Professional Service That’s Always Reliable.  Our “Green Earth” Plan provides you with the piece of mind you are looking for with initial interior & exterior 25B label (minimal risk natural products) treatments for target pests.

The process below indicates the steps we go through to implement a Green Earth Plan for your home or business, resorting to reduced risk baits only if the desired results have not been achieved through initial steps.  The Green Earth Plan is set up on a 45 day cycle, to ensure top results from this plan.

The Green Army Green Earth Plan incorporates everything you need to have a pest free home or business.

The process, in more detail, is described below:

It begins with a thorough inspection of the property, inside and out by our licensed and highly trained pest technician.

Our technician will write out a plan, with results monitored each subsequent visit with notes duly made on our work order.  The technician will work to eliminate conducive conditions, some of which may require separate contractor hiring to remove harborage areas on your property.  Select areas outside will be worked on to seal bug entry points (included in our initial service charge). Next, our trained service professional will inspect the perimeter of the property, concentrating on exterior entryways, garages, reachable window frames, eaves and shrubs and other areas containing such items as pine straw, mulch, leafs, etc…  All reachable spider webs, wasp or hornets nests will be swept down with our extend-able duster.

Your Green Army service professional will also make note of any existing conditions that you will want to keep an eye on in order to prevent any future infestations or create a harborage area for pests, rodents or snakes.

After the initial treatment phase, we begin exterior treatments only and monitor entry points and signs of any activity.

Green Army will return on a 45 day cycle basis to continue the preventative process of concentrating on the exterior of your home or business; and only treating target insects upon noticeable activity with “reduced risk” products.  If desired results are not at the level you want, we will then resort to applying reduced risk baits and monitor results.  Green Army listens to its customers, and if a target pest persists, we will spot treat with a reduced risk product, if necessary.  Should you need service on the inside of the property or between regularly scheduled visits, simply call and we will return and treat the inside.

We know the majority of our customers have busy family and work schedules, with day-to-day activities and your time is valuable.  Green Army is designed to fit your busy lifestyle and help you rest assured that your home or business and family are protected from the invasion of those nasty pests.