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Home Invasive Ants

Home Invasive Ants

First discovered in 2002, the home invasive ant or “crazy ant” was found in Houston, Texas.  Since then, they have been found in Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana where it is primarily wet with mild winters.  Also called Nylanderia fulva, crazy ants are thought to have originated in Argentina and Brazil and come to the southeastern United States via human movement.  Fortunately the species’ reproductive members do not fly; thus, they are commonly transported by nurseries and humans purchasing potted plants.

The crazy ants have, however replaced the fire ant in many of the Texas Gulf Coast areas as the most pervasive.  The home invasive ants are opportunistic nesters and will nest in the first place that is conducive to their survival.  They will invade your home’s walls and crawl spaces and eventually damage electrical wires and equipment.  Although they don’t sting, crazy ants can be a huge nuisance as they are difficult to control.  Unfortunately the home invasive ants do not consume typical ant baits.  They have also become ecologically dominant by reducing the number and diversity of the ant and arthropod species.  They are omnivores and are known to prey on other ant and arthropod species.  Even in areas where the crazy ants are not abundant, they have diminished the native ant species.


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