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Organization can be a challenge for a lot of people, and hiring a professional organizer is not an option for many.  However, there are things you can incorporate into home decor that can help to keep you more organized.

The entryway to your home can be a place where things tend to collect and clutter.  Mail, coats, shoes and bags can all find an unwelcome home in your entryway, which can make your home feel cluttered.  The best thing to do in this situation is to keep your entry fresh and simple with wall hooks, wall baskets or shelves, and each family member can have their how basket or shelf to keep miscellaneous items in.  If you have an open floor plan, you can still make your entry way a special and inviting place.  Use a bench for storage and place an accent basket next to it.  Coat racks are also great things to add to an entry.

If you have kids, you know that keeping all the toys, craft supplies, clothes and stuffed animals organized and put away can be a challenge.  The best tip for children’s room storage is to make things portable.  So, divided baskets or containers with wheels are a great tool to use.  This way, they can be taken to the mess and then tucked away, and the separate compartments can be used to keep different items separate and easier to find later.  Another thing to add to your storage is furniture with lids, such as baskets or ottomans that can serve double duty as storage and provide function as a table or extra seating.  You can also get storage totes to keep books and magazines in.  They can also store toys, blankets or even firewood if you need it.

Speaking of kids, if you have them you know that cleaning your home with children in it can be a lot like shoveling snow in a blizzard.  The key to cleaning with kids is to make it fun so they will want to be involved.  Get them their own basket in a fun design or with their initials or name embroidered on it, making it special to them.  Or, make cleaning into a game, have marked baskets for all the round toys, or all the square toys and separate them out by shape or even color.  This way they can learn while they help take off some of the pressure you may feel at constantly cleaning up after them.

Another great tip is to keep organization items simple.  You don’t need elaborate or heavy pieces of furniture to store things away in.  There are many organizations systems available that keep things off the floor but aren’t complicated and cluttered looking themselves.  Remember, function can and should be beautiful too, so find a storage system that is useful, simple and elegant.

All members of your family deserve their own storage space, including your pets.  A toy basket for your dog’s toys, leashes or cute little sweaters can help to keep organization in your home. Keeping all of Fluffy’s things together and in one place will make it easier for everyone.

The biggest thing you have to do in order to get organized is to declutter, which is often the most challenging thing.  But, it will make getting organized and staying that way much easier.  Really question whether you need to save things or not, and take the special things you can’t part with and incorporate them into your décor if you can, with shadowboxes or frames.

The bottom line is that your needs will change over time.  Children arrive and then grow up, but know that a really great organization system will be able to change with you over time.  Investing in it now will ensure that it will keep you organized and decluttered into the future.  Above all, though, be nice to yourself, because no one is perfect.  Staying organized is a constant progression and you are a work in progress!

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