More Prevention Tips

Stay Ahead of Pests! Pest free living begins with preventative measures in place.

  • It’s almost impossible to keep unwanted pests from coming inside, but there are some things you can do to discourage them from invading your home.
  • Repair leaky pipes and correct any moisture problems.
  • Make sure gutters are not clogged and are working properly.
  • Keep tree limbs trimmed away from the roofline.
  • Make sure window and door screens, gable vents, and foundation vents fit properly and are in good condition.
  • Seal cracks around windows and doors and holes where plumbing and utility lines enter the house.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of mulch or pine straw around the foundation of the house.
  • Keep bushes trimmed away from the foundation.
  • Use yellow colored light bulbs for porch lights, and other outdoor lighting.
  • Don’t leave food and drinks lying around to attract pests.
  • Make sure all trash is enclosed in plastic bags.
  • Keep the house clean. Avoid clutter, vacuum often, and clean up spilled food.
  • Have your pets treated regularly for fleas and ticks.