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How hoarding impacts pest control

Researches have recently been able to complete a study to find out how much hoarding impacts pest control. You will probably not be surprised by the results, as there was a link found between the amount of clutter in a domicile and pest control issues.

The Results

The Boston Housing Authority recently investigated the levels of clutter in a home and its connection with pest infestations. What was found was that residents with hoarding issues had almost double the problems with pests as residents without hoarding issues.

The team used a “clutter image rating scale” to identify clutter issues during the inspections so that they would be better able to recommend improvement measures.

They developed a plan that firmly put residents in control of their pest control issues. They were able to identify ways in which people living in these situations could assess them, set goals to solve the problem, improve drive, put safety measures in place and help them to solve problems surrounding sorting their hoard and making decisions about how to best address it. Residents also attended weekly training to help them reduce the clutter in their homes.

The Takeaway

If you work in or own a housing complex or apartment building, you’ve probably have experience with residents who exhibit hoarding behaviors. This study is helpful because it shows that by identifying the issues and offering support this is a problem that can be addressed. This will lead to an environment that is better for humans, and not as good for pests! If you want more information about it, check out the “StopPests in Housing” Program today.

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