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How Important are Pest Management Companies?

The number one concern of your local pest management company is public health and safety. Their efforts serve to protect you and the community from pests that could pose issues to food, property and health. Here are some of the larger points about why pest control companies are so important and how their work should be valued, not just in homes but in hospitals, schools, restaurants and pretty much everywhere else in the public domain.

What Makes Life Better?

Think back to what you’ve read about conditions people lived in just a century ago. Those people didn’t have access to sanitation, medicines and vaccines or the pest control we have today. There is no doubt that those three things have improved life by leaps and bounds for the average citizen.

If we didn’t haves pest control it would also damage our food supply. In fact, pests would destroy over 50 percent of crops humans try to grow. Plus, rodents eat and contaminate at least 20 percent of the food supply of the world, along with the fleas and ticks they introduce along the way. So, without your local pest control company you’d find your pantry lacking and maybe full of creepy crawlies too.

Rodents bites are more prevalent than you may be aware of. It is estimated that rats actually bite 45,000 people every year. In doing so they can transmit diseases like rat bite fever, trichinosis, murine typhus, salmonella, the bubonic plague and leptospirosis. Rodents like rats and mice also like to chew through the electrical wiring in your home. So, without pest control you may just have your house burn down while you’re trying to recover from the plague. Let’s not even get started on the $5 billion dollars that termites cause in damage to home each year!

The food industry has a symbiotic relationship with pest control. It’s safe to say that the food industry couldn’t keep their sanitation up to federal standards or comply with local health regulations without their friends in pest control.

Pest Control is Everywhere

A lot of people think of pest control as something that people only need for their homes, but as you can now see pest control is useful almost every aspect of human existence. Your local pest control professional helps to protect you and your family from disease and damage to you home, and help to bring healthy food in abundance to your table. They really do make a difference in the world!

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