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How to Educate Employees About Pest Control

Most people think of pest control in their own homes, but when it comes to their places of business it may not be at the forefront of their minds. This is why it is important to make sure you employees are armed with all the information they need in order to keep the workplace pest free.

Health and Safety

Many businesses are required by law to proactively take action in order to control pests. This is why it’s important to have a strategy in place to deal with this issue and to make sure any pest problems are identified early and taken care of.

Your Employee’s Role

Your employees will be your valuable resource when it comes to pest control. They are your extra eyes and ears in the workplace and often will be the first to spot pest control problems that could mean an infestation.

In the past many employees have attended training courses to teach them the basics of pest control awareness, but in this age of technology there’s no longer any reason for them to even leave their offices. Online training courses have become very popular. They are economical and don’t take away precious time from productivity. They’re a win/win situation for the employer and employees.

What is Learned

There are several online training courses available and what each can provide to your employees makes them worthwhile. They will improve your employee’s understanding of pest compliance issues and also educate them on the signs they can be diligent to keep aware of that pests may be setting up shop in your business. Your employees will learn to identify the common characteristics of pests, recognize them, understand the issues surrounding infestations and identify the practices that can help keep pests at bay.

These online courses are also tailored to your particular industry. For example, if you are in the hospitality and hotel industry, educating your employees about bedbugs is of the utmost importance. There’s an online course for that!


As a business you want to arm your employees with the knowledge they need to work in a safe and clean environment. This will save you not only money but numerous headaches in the future. So, reach out to your local pest control company to find out what online courses are available to you and start educating your employees today!

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