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How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Home

Roaches – they are a nuisance. Not only are they not the roommates you want to share your home with, they also carry disease and can make the inhabitants of your home sick. Get rid of roaches in your home once and for all by following these easy elimination tips.

What to Target

When you seek to eliminate roaches you shouldn’t think about it as a one roach at a time approach, because eliminating the entire nest is how you will finally get them out of your home.

Treatments that target the next are what you need to find but in order to do that you first have to identify what kind of roaches you have. German roaches, for example, are the kind you normally find in kitchens, because they want to make your food their food. Those types of roaches can be targeting using bait instead of spray. Roaches are notorious for becoming immune to sprays used to eliminate them. Hey – nobody ever accused them of being stupid! They often run from sprays, sprays that will only kill a few, not the whole nest.

Baiting Methods

Gel bait is going to be your best bet to eliminate an entire nest. This is because it contaminates the feces of the adults as they die, and the eggs that are hatching normally eat the feces as a protein source. So, you’re not only killing the adults but poisoning the eggs as they hatch too. An incredibly effective way to get rid of your roach problem!

You can get gel bait through an exterminator, or at a home improvement store. It needs to be placed in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you’re uncomfortable treating your home yourself, you can always call in the pros at GreenArmy to take care of your roach problem safely and effectively.

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