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How to Recognize Rodent Infestations in Your Home

When it’s cold outside then the rodents will come inside to play, that’s a fact of life. You may worry about blizzards, ice and freezing rain but if you’ve not added mice and rat infestations to your list of winter worries you need to. This is why you need to be on your rodent “A” game, so you can spot an infestation quick. Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to rodent infestations in your home.


One of the most obvious signs that mice or rats are in your home is the droppings they leave behind. These droppings are easy to spot and can often be found in places where you store food. So make sure you check out your cabinets, pantry, and even under your kitchen sink. If you’ve got cardboard boxes stored away, look for holes chewed into them and droppings inside or around them. Anyplace a rodent can get to can have droppings, so keep your eyes peeled.

Droppings aren’t just unsightly; they’re also dangerous to your health. They can carry bacteria that can transmit diseases such as Hantavirus or salmonella. If you’ve got someone with allergies in your home it can also be a trigger for an allergy attack. Mice can produce a lot of droppings over the course of just one day, so make sure you clean them up when you find them and take the proper precautions to do so. Use gloves and disinfect the area too.


One thing about rodents is that they like to chew. This is one of the biggest dangers to having an infestation because mice and rats don’t discriminate when they chew. They can chew through walls, through insulation, plastic, and lead pipes, and even through electrical wires. If these wires short out they can be responsible for house fires. If you see gnaw marks, you have an infestation.


You’ve probably heard the tales of how fast rodents can reproduce, and all that reproduction requires a nest. They love dark and isolated places to build their nests. They will pillage your home to find paper, cotton, insulation, and fabrics to make this cozy love nest, so if you see something resembling a nest in your home you need to get a pest control professional to your house pronto.


Rats are knowns for leaving behind dirt marks or grease on walls and floorboards in places they reside because of the oil in their fur. You may notice a trail of these marks or tracks between their nest and their food source, so keep on the lookout.


If you hear noises in the walls at night when you’re lying in bed, you don’t have a ghost – you probably have rodents. Attics are preferred by rodents and they travel through the walls at night to find food and scavenge material for nests. If you’re trying to pest proof your home you should look to the attic first, and make sure you clear away clutter that would make a haven for your rodent invaders.

A Real Rodent

Of course, if you see a mouse or a rat in your home there are always going to be more, so this is one of the biggest signs that you have an infestation. If it comes to this you can’t live in denial anymore that you have a rodent problem, so call the pros at GreenArmy to help you rid your home of rodents!

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