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Imagine a World Without Pest Control

When you’re watching a post-apocalypse series like The Walking Dead, do you ever think about what the world would be like if all our modern day conveniences were gone? Sure, zombies may be scary but you know what else is frightening? A world without pest control. What would that even look like? Well, here are a few ideas of what a world without pest control would be like.


If there was no pest control on the planet, one of the first things that would happen would be that diseases carried by things like mosquitoes and ticks would run rampant. According to the World Health Organization more than a million people would die every year from things like malaria.

Wasps and hornets would be a major issue, too. Right now, with control measure in space, 500,000 people a year have to get treated for bites and stings. What would that number be if wasps and hornets went unchecked?

Also, the number ticks, rodents, cockroaches and fleas would grow at an astonishing rate and make diseases like Encephalitis, Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, West Nile Virus and a myriad of other illness an everyday occurrence.

The Food Supply

In any post-apocalyptic scenario, food will become scarce. If there were no pest control, pests would more than likely destroy over 50 percent of the food crops we try to grow. The current pest control practices used help to protect our food supply. Without it, say goodbye to some of your favorites like chocolate (nooo!!!), meat, peanut butter, vegetables and a lot of other things you probably like on your plate.

Everyday Interactions

Because of pest control it’s likely you can go a whole day without seeing a pest. You can eat at your favorite restaurant and not have a cockroach crawl across your table, or open your food cupboards and not see it taken over by ants. Without pest control you can kiss living in that lovely little bubble goodbye because pests would be anywhere and everywhere.

The quality of your life today has been influenced by a great many things, and made better by them. Germ theory, antibiotics, medications, vaccines – all of these things lead to a better quality of life for everyone. You can include pest control on that list, too. Without it, disease would run rampant and public safety would be compromised. So, next time you have your pest control professional out to do a treatment, give them a bit more of an enthusiastic “thank you”! They are fighting on the front lines for you.

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