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Kid Craft: Heart Crayons

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  A day to celebrate love and most importantly, the day of the traditional candy exchange. Yet there may be something better than candy for your little human’s sweet snack swap.  It is an easy and fun craft that your children can help to make, will love to use and still keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day alive – heart-shaped crayons.

Just a few things are needed to get these started.  You need a silicone heart mold.  They’re easier to find than you may think, just look in the baking aisle of the local craft store or online.  Next, you’ll need quite a few crayons in the colors you desire.  You can also order specific colors of crayons in bulk online.  You can go traditional (pinks and reds) or bold (neons), the palette is up to you and yours.

Now preheat your oven to 150 to 200 degrees and get the kids excited about removing the paper from all of those crayons!  Then chop up the crayons with an old knife that you probably won’t want to use to cut food again.  Arrange the chopped crayons by the color groupings you’d like to mix together in the mold.  This step may take some experimentation to find what colors will go best together, but creativity is fun and seeing how they come out is all part of the process.  By the end, you’ll be a color grouping expert!  Put them in the mold and plop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until they’re melted.

Make sure the crayons are completely cooled before removing them from the mold.  Once out, you can package them any way that you like.  You can take tissue paper and ribbon and wrap them up like a piece of candy, twisting the paper and tying ribbon at each end.  Or, you can place them in little muslin bags, each with a tag attached if your child is giving them out at school.  The possibilities are endless for this fun, funky and unique valentine.

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