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Kitchen Pest Prevention

It’s happened to all of us, we casually stroll through our home, blissfully unaware of the unmentionables in our kitchens. Then one day, we open a cabinet door, clean underneath the fridge, or run the sink and our world crumbles into panic. Ants. Roaches. Mice. Ugh.

So how can we control these pests? How can we stop the problem before it becomes one? Green Army provides a simple guide to pilot you toward prevention in four easy steps.

Keep them at bay…
– Quickly examine all outside boxes and storage containers that come inside from the outside.
– Keep doors shut when not in use.
– Keep outdoor garbage containers away from windows and doors.
– Maintain and fix holes in walls, window screens, and door seals.

Don’t give them water…
– Clean spills promptly.
– Keep storage and prep areas clean and dry.
– Clean mops and buckets after each use. Dry buckets and hang mops outside before storing.
– Fix and maintain dripping faucets, clogged or slow drains, leaks and other plumbing problems.

 Prevent them from taking up residence…
– Inspect food storage areas for signs of pests regularly.
– If you must store paper products and cardboard boxes, keep them in dry areas, 6 inches off the floors and away from walls.
– Recycle or discard all cardboard packaging as soon as possible.
– Keep trash and recycling areas clean and dry.
– Keep kitchen drains, strainers, or grates clean.
– Seal cracks and crevices with caulk or paint.
– Move waste and recyclables off site at least once weekly.

Don’t feed them…
–  Keep all food in sealed containers made to store food. Cardboard and paper are not pest-proof.
– Do not mix new dry food with older stored dry food.
– Rinse disposable food containers before throwing them away.
– Clean and sanitize food preparation appliances, including their cords, before storing.
– Sweep and/or mop floors and let them dry daily.
– Clean grease from vents, ovens, and stoves.
– Keep indoor garbage in lined, covered containers and empty containers daily.
– Put garbage in sealed plastic bags before placing them in a covered, rodent-proof plastic container to store until garbage day.
– Keep garbage cans clean.

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