Pest Control Tips

The pest problem areas of your home may or may not be as big a surprise as you would think. Remember that most all pests have three main things in common: the need for air, water, and food. For those reasons, pest companies like us at Green Army®, know that the two easiest places for pests to thrive will be your Kitchen/Dining Room and your bathroom.

The Kitchen/Dining Room area is usually the biggest problem area for most people because of the abundance of two key ingredients: food and water. Most insects can be found in cabinets and/or pantry areas, thriving on the food staples housed there. If a pest can go two feet and have all he can eat and drink, why would he travel farther?

The Bathroom area presents another resource for pests- a dark, wet, and cool place away from the elements of the outside world. Again, they have plenty of moisture to survive and have found a place where they can nest and breed easily while being contained in an environment that provides what they need. Bathrooms can easily attract a multitude of species of bugs, so it also becomes a feeding ground for most common species of spiders as well.

Pest Control Tips

The easiest way to help you eliminate pest issues in these areas, here are some simple and easy to remember steps.

Kitchen –
• Place all pantry foods in plastic sealed containers. This will help eliminate over half of your basic insect and pest problems.
• Wipe down all surfaces after every meal or preparation of meals. This keeps small food particles out of reach and off of the floors.
• Clean your garbage disposal. Food particles build up on the cutting blades and cause odor and attractants for insects of all kinds.
• Indoor plants are a breeding ground for pests, as it is as close to being in their natural habitat as being outside. If you keep plants inside do not over water them. This causes many pest problems to develop.
Bathroom –
• Clean your drains regularly. Materials build up in this area and cause odors that again can draw pests to this location.
• Wet laundry and sustained moisture can help any pests that wish to breed or just nest for a while.
• Trash bins need to be emptied regularly. Any dense material or compacted material can make a great place for spiders to set up and attract food.
• Avoid standing water. Like a day at the pool for the kids, this is a playground for pests.