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Plants that Attract Beneficial Insects

Whether we want to face it or not, our homes and yards are full of insects such as bees, wasps, ants, and the like.  Fortunately, nature provided its’ very own system to promote the increase of the beneficial insects.  There are species of beneficial insects that help the environment and eliminate pesky insects.  Most of the good insects rely on host plants to provide nectar and/or pollen.  Finding ways to conserve the beneficial insects while eliminating the pests may be difficult but consider the following options.

Some insects prey on other insects and can be used to promote the decline of insects that are pests; these are called predators or parasitoids.  The predators and parasitoids use the pollen and nectar from certain plants to thrive and reproduce causing a decrease in the number of pests.  Also, predators eat much prey in their lifetime such as flies, beetles, spiders, and other bugs.  They seek to keep the aphid and whitefly populations down.  Parasitoids seek out hosts in which they lay their eggs.  The eggs live and then hatch inside of the host.  They feed upon the host, eventually destroying the host.

The final player in promoting natural pest control is the pollinator.  The pollinator is crucial as it pollinates crops and promotes natural plant communities.  The most common pollinators are honey bees, carpenter bees, and bumble bees.  Research predators, parasitoids, and pollinators in your area in order to determine the plants you should consider planting.


Environmetally Positive Insects
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