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Prep Your Home Right for Winter

Prep Your Home Right for Winter

Preparing your home for winter is meant to keep the warmth in and everything else – including pests – out! Still, you may be unknowingly doing things to your home and garden as your prepare for winter that is attracting pests rather than repelling them. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re preparing your home the right way.

Covering Your Plants

Many people put buckets over their plants to keep the frost from damaging them, but this also creates a condo for rodents that you probably want to avoid. Sheltering your plants from the storm also shelters pests, and provides a food source for them too.

What can you do instead? Well, consider using cloth and plastic sheeting to cover plants and protect them from the winter weather. Then, you can tie the covering around them at the bottoms so pests can’t get in. Remember you don’t want to create an airtight seal with the plastic for your plants, just tie off the cloth covering to keep the pests out.

Mowing Your Lawn

You need to be concerned with keeping your grass cut short in the winter as well as the summer in order to keep pests from taking up residence. Make sure your grass is cut as short as it can be without doing damage before the first snow of the season.

If you keep your grass too long then it will create a gap between the snow and the grass – a gap that rodents and other pests will take advantage of. So, don’t turn your lawn into an accidental shelter for pests this winter!

If you have questions about how to prepare your lawn for winter in a way that won’t encourage pests, talk to the professionals at Green Army today!


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