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Rodent Problems

Rats and mice. Mice and rats. No matter how you say it they are definitely something you do not want to share your home with! So, what can you do to prevent them from taking up residence in your abode? You need to educate yourself about some of the most common concerns about these pests and then you will have an idea about how to control them.

Where They Live

Mice and rats can basically live anywhere – which is the bad news. This means they can live in any and every part of your home, from crawlspaces to attics, from basements to closets. There is no place they cannot get to! If you’re looking for signs of rodent infestations then you have to look for traces they have left behind in the form of feces! It sounds gross, but the small, pellet-like waste in your dwelling or business is sure sign that rats and mice have been there!

Can They Cause Structural Damage?

In a word, yes. Just one rat or mouse can cause damage to your home or business. The issue is that rodents like to chew and because of that they will chew on whatever they can find, from insulation to wood to electrical wires. They can also chew holes in things you have in storage.

Do Rodents Cause Illness?

Well…yes. Mice or rats can make people and pets really sick. Rats spread diseases (remember the Black Plague), some of which can be very serious. Pets, children and adults can all contract illnesses from rats or mice in the home.

Do You Need Pest Control?

Sure, you could strike out on your own and buy a commercial rat or mouse trap but the problem is with the handling after the deed is done. Even dead rats or mice can pose potential health hazards to everything living in your home. The best advice is to hire a professional pest control company to take care of the problem for you. They have the proper equipment and safety gear to remove rats and mice. Plus, they have the ability to treat your home to prevent a new infestation.

A Common Problem

If you have a rodent infestation in your home or business you are truly  not alone. The important thing to keep in mind is to take the proper precautions to protect the people and animals in your home or office building. If you have seen evidence or rats or mice where you are, call in the professionals today!

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