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Rodents gnawing may cause major damage

Rodents are known far and wide for one very damaging behavior – gnawing. But why do they do this? If you’re going to combat this pest then you need to know more about them, so here’s a quick guide to rodents and their a-gnaw-ing habits.


For rodents in the wild gnawing ensures their survival. They use their teeth and jaws in order to not only find food and water but also find shelter for their rapidly growing families! They also use their teeth and jaws as weapons to fight off enemies and to help them climb. Gnawing also helps them to find food and water. Stems of plants, seeds, shells and tree bark all provide them with nutrition and moisture.

When they gnaw on things like tree trunks, logs or through tree roots they usually are looking for places to nest. When they get inside of buildings or homes they gnaw through the structure for the same reasons – to gain access and set up camp.

What Gnawing Means to You

The reason why this behavior is so concerning to humans is that if a rodent gains access to your home or office then they could begin gnawing on things that are dangerous to you – namely wires. They will gnaw on any wires they can get their paws on, including the wires located in the walls that you can’t see and could cause big and dangerous problems down the road. The real question is, why do rodents find wires so darn appealing?

The truth is that no one really knows why rodents like to gnaw on wires. Maybe its warmth, maybe it’s visually attractive to them. Maybe they find the feeling on their little teeth nice. After all, wires are a little bit like stems in the wild, maybe they seem familiar to them.

The Bottom Line

No matter how it impacts human, gnawing is a natural and necessary behavior for rodents. When they do it inside of your home or office they are simply doing what they do. The best strategy is to keep them from entering your home or office in the first place. You can do this by consulting with your local pest control company today!


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