About Us

Green Army® “Eco Friendly PEST & Termite Team” was formed by a group of pest professionals who have a combined 25 years management experience in pest & termite services; with the Central & Eastern United States as its primary areas of growth and focus. The management professionals primarily have both Integrated Pest Management (“IPM”)/Green Pest Certification, as well as time served in the military; which allows our company to bring unparalleled service and top notch operations to our customers.  Our management team has implemented a strong training and discipline system to ensure each step is taken to appropriately reduce pesticide risks in and around our customers homes and businesses.

We have created a unique process to  present our company any prospect through our unique business development system; with over 85% of new service agreements coming from referrals; and our business development department is run mostly by females (Mom’s) who are licensed, trained and specially certified.  Our business development reps share our vision and apply one of three options to your home or business, based on your personal criteria and goals when it comes to synthetic pesticides being greatly reduced or eliminated from your home or business.   Our business representatives have learned about the smoke and mirrors processes of larger national pest control companies and even smaller local pest control companies; and are happy to educate you in a 10 minute overview.  We are proud to say our success rate of converting customers to Green Army sits well over 80%.   We are a new age company, with age old results just like the larger national companies, but with processes that require premium products and discipline in application.  Due to our commitment to no pesticides or reduced impact pesticides used moderately with our measures, we are making a wave in our markets and creating a raving fan base to follow.

Green Army:  The Naturally Powered Pest & Termite Plan™

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Legal Disclaimer:

“Green Army, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Army or any of the armed forces. While some Green Army personnel are retired servicemen, Green Army does not guarantee that your pest control services will be administered by a retired serviceman.”