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Home Organization

Organization can be a challenge for a lot of people, and hiring a professional organizer is not an option for many.  However, there are things you can incorporate into home decor that can help to keep you more organized. The entryway to your home can be a place where things tend to collect and clutter.  […]

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The Psychology of Color

  Thinking of changing things up and repainting a room in your house?  Well, there may be more to consider than just what color goes best with your carpet or your couch.  Turns out that color can have an impact on your mood and behavior on a subconscious level.  Research has been done on how […]

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Wasp, Hornet, or Mud Dauber?

Sometimes it is difficult to automatically identify a flying insect such as a wasp, hornet, or mud dauber.  Is it aggressive?  Will it sting me?  How do I tell these flying insects apart?  Knowing more about each is the best way to identify them and stay at a safe distance.  Unfortunately wasps do sting humans […]

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