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Tawny Crazy Ant

If you live on the Gulf Coast of the United States, there’s no doubt that you have heard about or seen the Tawny Crazy Ant. Also called the Caribbean Crazy Ant and the Raspberry Crazy Ant, they are called crazy because of the movements they make when they are disturbed. You can also identify them by the fact that their legs and antennae are larger in proportion to the rest of their bodies.

This ant species is an invasive species and can be tricky to get rid of since they don’t burrow or form mounds. They have a reputation for damaging electrical and computer equipment and have had quite a large negative impact on industrial sites and have wreaked havoc on residential homes too.

Where to Find Them

Crazy ants, including the queens, eggs, larvae and pupae can be found under many different types of objects. Every colony can have millions of ants because they have multiple queens that can lay an endless supply of eggs. They can also make a nest in small cracks and voids, especially in moist areas. Outside you can find them in damp soil, under stumps, rocks, timbers, potted plants, compost and garbage. Their quite adaptable, however, because you can find them in dry places too and they can travel fairly long distances to look for food.

What Do They Eat?

Crazy ants are big fans of protein, grease, other insects and animal matter. They will eat sweets, too, if they can get their mandibles on them. They love honey from beehives, fruits, excretions from other insects and sweet parts of plants. They are predatory, but also scavengers and foragers that you may find foraging in your own kitchen.

Can They Harm Humans

Aside from the damage they can inflict on your electrical equipment, you don’t have to worry about a crazy ant harming you. They can bite, but their mouths are too small to bite humans. Instead, they often displace and even eat other ant species, and can even affect birds and honeybees.

Crazy Ant Control

You need to call a pest control professional if you suspect you have crazy ants. Most ants will invade homes or buildings in straight trails, but crazy ants wonder almost aimlessly instead. Because of this it can be hard to find a trail to follow and then treat. If you pest control professional can identify the ants then they can spray or bait them. If they find a colony under a rock or stump, they can directly treat the colony too.

If you suspect you have crazy ants, do not delay in treating them! They can quickly grow from just a few ants to thousands, and you don’t want to have to contend with that!

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