Termite Control

Green Army Termite Control Services

Welcome to Green Army’s termite control web site.  Green Army offers comprehensive eco-friendly pest and termite control solutions.  This page focuses on our termite extermination services. Give us a call at (888)537-4555.  We will evaluate your termite infestation problem, implement a termite removal solution, and monitor the performance of that termite control solution as such to prevent the infestation of termites in the future. Beyond getting rid of your termite problem, Green Army does it in a completely green, eco-friendly, and environmentally friendly manner.  Give us a call today and have one of our termite removal professionals evaluate your termite problem for you.  (888)537-4555.

Termite Swarmers – Seeing Flying or Winged Ants?

If you are seeing flying or winged insects that look like ants, then you might have a termite infestation.  Termite swarmers look like flying or winged ants.  Observing flying winged termite swarmers is a positive indicator of a termite problem when performing termite identification.  Swarming termites are a clear sign of termites.  Do termites fly?  Yes.  Termites with wings fly and they seek to form new colonies.  Termite swarmers indicate that a mature colony exists in or near your home.  If you see flying ants, winged ants, flying termites, or winged termites in large numbers in your home, then you might have a termite infestation.  Give us a call today to have one of our termite removal professionals evaluate your termite problem for you. (888)537-4555.

Green Army:  Termite Exterminator

No home or business can afford the headaches and damage termites can cause. Green Army provides comprehensive termite removal solutions which include termite inspections, termite monitoring, termite bait station application, and termite liquid treatment plans in order to solve your termite infestation problem.  Contact us for a free inspection and evaluation before potential or further damage can occur (888)537-4555.

Green Army Termite Baiting System

The Green Army Termite Baiting System is a Termite Colony Elimination System designed to eliminate termites in the ground, so they do not reach your home or business.  Green Army termite stations are placed around the property and monitored on a regular basis by Green Army professionals. When termite activity occurs, the termites eat a food source that termites actually prefer over other food sources.  Termites will feed on the active bait and take it back to the nest where they distribute it throughout the colony causing elimination.  A single bait tube holds enough active termite treatment ingredients to eliminate most average termite colonies.  This means that termite colony elimination is possible with one baiting cycle. The Green Army Termite Baiting System is the faster, better, most effective, and most environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites from your home or business property.  Call us today at (888)537-4555.

Termidor Termite Liquid Treatment

By creating a chemical barrier on the ground under and around the structure, Green Army prevents termites from tunneling up to the structure utilizing mud tubes.  Trenching around the structure and drilling into the slab is necessary to apply the liquid Termidor product or other approved termiticide.  The duration of effectiveness for liquid treatment depends upon the amount of product  used, how thoroughly it is applied and climatic conditions in the area.   Therefore, Green Army takes extensive measures to properly train our staff on these types of termite treatments.  Call us today about our termite removal solutions

Eco-Friendly Green Termite Extermination

We do not use synthesized chemicals for termite removal.  Our solutions are green termite removal applications.  We use wood and cellulose debris only in our Green Army termite stations.  You can’t get any more eco-friendly than that!  At Green Army, we are environmentally conscious.  We are so environmentally friendly that we put “Green” in our name.  Our termite solutions are sustainable applications that will not harm the precious environment around your home or business property.  Call us today about our eco-friendly termite extermination solutions (888)537-4555.

Professional Termite Removal Plans

Green Army applies the best training when it comes to termite monitoring.   If the stations are not checked on a regular routine visit ongoing, then you can be left exposed to termite damage.  With the Green Army Monitoring Plan, as a homeowner, your goal is to never have to worry about termites, the damage they cause and the high costs associated with them. The Green Army Monitoring Plan is an excellent way to avoid termite damage to your structure and its contents. While under this plan, Green Army will monitor the termite stations for activity and report any possible activity for an immediate solution.  Green Army will offer to extend the service annually for as long as you own the property and have our basic pest plan in place.  The plan has a minimal annual fee along with your pest choice plan for general pest control and is monitored quarterly. If termites show up, then we notify you and immediately, and begin a termite treatment plan to eliminate the termite colony around your home or business property.  Contact your local Green Army office to learn more about the Green Army Termite Monitoring Plan (888)537-4555.

Termite Prevention Tips

Prevention of termites is a good idea.  Termites eat dead wood. That means, they may confuse your home as their next free buffet.  Are you inviting termites for dinner? Dead wood is the target meal for termites, especially moist wood, so to avoid having to get an extensive termite treatment application, you may want to do the following to prevent termites:

  • Ensure you do not have plumbing leaks.
  • Install gutters to divert rain water away from the foundation.  Ensure your gutters are not clogged and that the gutters do not outflow water to an areas close to your foundation.
  • Sprinklers should be directed away from the house as well.
  • If water continually pools next to the foundation wall, you may need to re-grade the soil so that water flows away from the foundation or you may have to look at a french drain or similar fix.
  • The roof of your home is important as well and you should ensure you do not have any leaks.
  • Repair or replace siding and flashing that is damaged on your roof areas.
  • Do not store lumber, fire wood or other wooden scrap next to your home.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of mulch or pine straw around the foundation of your home.
  • Bushes and trees should be trimmed back and kept away from the home structure.
  • The crawl space in your home should have adequate ventilation.  You may want to have a handy man review and ensure it has proper ventilation.
  • Call Green Army – even if you don’t have termites – and we will help you with a termite prevention plan (888)537-4555