How Liquid and Baiting Treatments Work

Green Army Termite Baiting System

The Green Army Termite Baiting System is a Termite Colony Elimination System designed to eliminate termites in the ground, so they do not reach your home or business.  Green Army monitored stations are placed around the property and monitored on a regular basis by Green Army. When activity occurs, the termites eat a food source that termites actually prefer over other food sources.  Termites will feed on the chemical bait and take it back to the nest where they distribute it throughout the colony causing elimination.  A single bait tube holds enough active ingredient to eliminate most average termite colonies.  This means that colony elimination is possible with one baiting cycle. The Green Army Termite Baiting System is the faster, better, most effective way to eliminate termites from your home or business.

Termidor Termite Liquid Treatment

By creating a chemical barrier on the ground under and around the structure, Green Army prevents termites from tunneling up to the structure utilizing mud tubes.  Trenching around the structure and drilling into the slab is necessary to apply the liquid Termidor product.  The duration of effectiveness for liquid treatment depends upon the amount of chemical used, how thoroughly it is applied and climatic conditions in the area.   Therefore, Green Army takes extensive measures to properly train our staff on these types of treatments.