Termite Monitoring Plan

No chemicals used, we use wood only in our Green Army termite stations.

We have the best training when it comes to termite monitoring.   If the stations are not checked on a regular routine visit ongoing, then you can be left exposed.  With the Green Army Monitoring Plan, as a homeowner, your goal is to never have to worry about termites, the damage they cause and the high costs associated with them. The Green Army Monitoring Plan is an excellent way to avoid termite damage to your structure and its contents. While under this plan, Green Army will monitor the termite stations for activity and report any possible activity for an immediate solution.  Green Army will offer to extend the service annually for as long as you own the property and have our basic pest plan in place.  The plan has a minimal annual fee along with your pest choice plan for general pest control and is monitored quarterly. If termites show up, we notify you and immediately begin a treatment plan to eliminate the termite colony around your home.

Contact your local Green Army office to learn more about the Green Army Termite Monitoring Plan.